Metric Ball Nuts

Balls are placed between the screw shaft and nut, and roll. This system is called a "ball screw". To keep the balls recirculating continually, this system requires a screw shaft, a nut, balls, and recirculation components as basic items. A ball screw has the following functions:
  1. Converting motion: Changing rotary motion to linear motion (normal operation); Changing linear motion to rotary motion efficiently (back-drive operation).
  2. Increasing power: A small torque is converted to a large thrust force.
  3. Positioning: Sets accurate position in linear motion.



Ball Nut

Part Number: RNCT2005A2.5S
  • Ø 20mm x 5mm lead
  • Quality NSK brand
  • Mates with RS2005A ball screw shaft
  • Data sheet